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Gross Motor Milestones

3 months
    Kicks legs in sequence
    Waves arms in sequence
    Turns head from side to side while lying on back
    Attempts to roll from side to back
    Lifts head off floor while lying on stomach

6 months
Rolls from stomach to back
    Rolls from back to stomach
    Pulls to sit with no head lag
    Holds head and chest up while propped on forearms for extended periods
    Prop sits for brief periods
    Bears almost all weight with supported standing

9 months
Sits independently while reaching and playing with toys
    Pushes up to hands and knees
    Crawls on belly or creeps on hands and knees
    Gets to sitting position
    Pulls to stand at stable surface

12 months
Cruises around furniture
Maintains standing without support
    Lowers self to sit without falling
    Walks forward 5 steps

18 months
Throws a ball forward without falling
    Seldom falls while walking
    Squats to pick up toys and returns to standing
    Pushes and pulls toys while walking
    Runs/fast walk
    Walks up steps with one hand assistance
    Seats self in small chair

2 years
Jumps in place
    Jumps down from 6 inch step
    Jumps forward 4 inches
    Gets in/out of adult chair
    Walks up stairs independently
    Walks forward with one foot on a line
    Throws ball overhand and underhand 3 feet in the air
    Kicks ball forward 5 feet

3 years
Walks backward
    Walks up/down stairs alternating feet
    Stands on one foot 3-5 seconds
    Hops forward on 1 foot 2-3 hops
    Walks forward with both feet on a line
    Broad jumps 24 inches
    Jumps down from 20 inch surface without falling
    Runs with good speed
    Catches playground ball
    Kicks ball using opposing arm and leg movement and by extending leg back with bent knee

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