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Physical Therapist

What does a Pediatric Physical Therapist do?

A Pediatric Physical Therapist works with children who are not developing gross motor skills as fast as their peers or who may have physical limitations. A Physical Therapist will work with a child to improve balance, coordination, body strength, leg and arm strength, range of motion and head control. They teach crawling, walking, stair skills, running, ball play and many other important activities. A physical therapist can also address sensory processing issues, home modification and adaptations, and adaptive equipment needs.

Dr. Kathleen (Katy) Guardia, DPT

Katy received her Bachelorís Degree in Biology from the University of Colorado, and her Masterís and Doctorate Degrees in Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In addition to her degrees she has taken courses on Pediatric Therapeutic Handling, Neuro-developmental treatment, Sensory Integration, Home Modifications, and is one of the few Physical Therapists in Central Florida certified in Hippotherapy (physical therapy on horseback).


To contact Katy or for more information about physical therapy, call 407-461-1998.


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